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Begoña Cervera emerged 15 years ago, their passion for flamenco (singing, playing and of course, dancing) has led them to totally immerse their work in this world, bringing sound and strength with the plates of their shoes.

Their objective centers on combining tradition and technical innovation to create an end product that incorporates quality, design, comfort and the label Made in Spain. 

Begoña Cervera flamenco shoes are entirely handcrafted in Elda (Alicante). They are surrounded by highly skilled workers and qualified personnel who make it possible to offer individually designed products that fulfill the demands of your own imagination and needs.

Flamenco shoes should have a snug fit worn without socks. When trying on new shoes, they should feel tight with no extra space on the back of your shoe. Ankle should not move up and down when pressing on your toes and raising your heel. If your shoes feel comfortable when trying on, the might be too big. If your feet slide to the front when walking or dancing, they are too big. If you have bunions or wide feet, please size up. By sizing up you will fix the width issue but will need a half insole to correct the length.

In most cases flamenco shoes will be a size less than street European sizes.

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