About us


Welcome to our flamenco store! flamenco shoes

Pure Flamenco is a small online business run out of San Diego, CA. We know how hard it is to find high quality or professional flamenco shoes and accessories in the United States. And how difficult and time consuming it is to place an order with a Spanish vendor with a different language and time zone! 

That is why Pure Flamenco works really hard to always have in stock and ready to  ship shoes, peinetas, mantones, castanets, earrings, skirts, hair combs, shawls and fans imported from Spain.

We are official distributors of Menkes, Bego√Īa Cervera and Gallardo flamenco shoes. We also have our own line of flamenco practice skirts.

We hope you enjoy our store and please contact us if you have any questions.

Pure Flamenco